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We Come From 

Our Tutors & Staff

Our Founder  


George Wang

Greetings! I'm George Wang, founder of the Canadian Student Society. I've taught from places in China to places in Canada and I currently take grade 9 at Lord Byng secondary school. This program was all a dream until one day, COVID-19 made my online tutoring agency possible with extra time to spare from my studies.

Our Operations Officer

Judy Yang

Hello, my name is Judy, and I am the Canadian Student Society's Art and Chinese tutor.

I'm in Grade 9 at U-Hill Secondary School and will be attending the Byng Arts Mini School next year.

Our Technological Officer 

James Wang

Our Program Leaders

Bill Wang

Bill Wang, our program leader, comes from the University of California, Berkeley. He currently studies computer engineering and software engineering. (Please check 1 on 1 tutoring page for his services.

Our Tutoring Department


Chris Xie

Chris Xie is a Lord Byng secondary school student that currently tutors as a recorded team member. His sessions are regularly posted digitally.


Rebecca Yu

Rebecca Yu, our gifted mandarin tutor teaches Beginner Chinese at CSS. No matter where she teaches, her spirit and enthusiasm will spark the hearts of her students.


Matt Trinh

My name is Matt, and I'd want to introduce myself. I work at CSS as an English tutor. I attend Lord Byng Secondary in. Vancouver. I enjoy educating others and am excited to meet new people.


Selina Fu

Hi, my name is Selina Fu and I attend Port Moody Secondary School, taking the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. I teach English at CSS and look forward to working with you!


Nathan Ngai

Hello, my name is Nathan Ngai, and I am a student at David Thompson Secondary. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other people, and this program has made it possible to do so.

David Liu 

David Liu, a student from LBSS, is a Math geek. He loves tutoring students and creates a welcoming friendly environment for everyone. He has previous experience with teaching as well as supporting the CSS from the beginning. 

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Our 1-1 Tutors

Jessie Hua

This is Jessie Hua, an LBSS student. She teaches 1 - 1 for Math, English, and Music. Her designated charge is $15.20 per hour.

Bill Wang

Bill Wang, also our program leader teaches 1 - 1. His designated subjects are Math (K-12), English, and Computer Programming. With him, you get an immersive experience as a UCB (Berkeley University) student and for any student that is applying, this is a great opportunity to explore. His charge is $65 an hour.

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Operation Staff & Supervisors

Emily Yang

Emily Yang, the CSS class supervisor, has a lot of experience in handling class disruption situations. With her, our classes are organized, clean, and clear of flaws creating the best experience for your child.

Kristina Yu

Hello! My name is Kristina, a grade 9 student from Lord Byng secondary school. Now, I teach grade 3-4 French. I am also one of the operation officers and tutor in the Canadian Student Society.

Maia Xu

Maia Xu is an LBSS student who loves art. Our designing team is one step bigger wth her.

Amy Diao

Amy Diao, our former Operations officer, is now in charge of the ISF Department. Her experience collaborates with her organizational skills to create a safe community for the ISF. 

Evangeline, a gifted debater and public speaker handles operations at the CSS. Her effort and work takes our program one step further


Jeffery Liu

Hi! I am Jeffrey, a normal student from Lord Byng, who joined CSS and become a tutor. Now, I teach Math grade 6-7 and intermediate art. The CSS has given me great opportunities and experience. I am truly grateful.

Brenner Chan

Hello world, I am Brenner Chan, a grade 9 student attending Lord Byng Secondary. I have some previous experience with tutoring and I will be looking forward to working with you!

Aviva Liu

Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Aviva Liu, a University Hill Secondary School student. I am a math tutor for the Canadian Student Society, and I teach math grades 2-3.

Julia Ji

Hi, my name is Julia Ji,  and I am a grade nine student at University Hill Secondary School. I teach math at CSS, and I am looking forward to meeting new people!

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Lord Byng Secondary School (LBSS)


West Point Grey Academy (WPGA)


David Thompson Secondary School


Port Moody Secondary School


UHill Secondary School


University of California Berkeley (UCB)




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