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  • Meet The Team | Canadian Student

    Our Team. Our specialized tutors are here to help students leap a step forward to success. Join us today! Lord Byng Our Founder George Wang Greetings! I'm George Wang, founder of the Canadian Student Society. I've taught from places in China to places in Canada and I currently take grade 9 at Lord Byng secondary school. This program was all a dream until one day, COVID-19 made my online tutoring agency possible with extra time to spare from my studies. Our Operations Officer Amy Diao Our Financial Officer Judy Yang Hello, my name is Judy, and I am the Canadian Student Society's Art and Chinese tutor. I'm in Grade 9 at U-Hill Secondary School and will be attending the Byng Arts Mini School next year. Our Tutors Matt Trinh My name is Matt, and I'd want to introduce myself. I work at CSS as an English tutor. I attend Lord Byng Secondary in. Vancouver. I enjoy educating others and am excited to meet new people. Jeffery Liu Hi! I am Jeffrey, a normal student from Lord Byng, who joined CSS and become a tutor. Now, I teach Math grade 6-7 and intermediate art. The CSS has given me great opportunities and experience. I am truly grateful. Chris Xie Maia Xu Kristina Yu Hello! My name is Kristina, a grade 9 student from Lord Byng secondary school. Now, I teach grade 3-4 French. I am also one of the operation officers and tutor in the Canadian Student Society. Emily Yang Rebecca Yu Brenner Chan David Liu Our 1-1 Tutors Jessie Hua Email: Call 778-869-9985 Follow

  • Art Studies | Canadian Student

    Art Studies Children have young minds that are filled with creativity. Here at the Canadian Student Society, we categorize art into three sections: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. All our tutors in the art department have years or decades of experience with sketching, painting, and other art forms. Intermediate Arts Description (Intermediate art): In this course, you explore and enjoy the fun you can illustrate with just a pencil and eraser. You get to learn about sketching and drawing anime at an intermediate level. This course is highly recommended for children who like drawing but have never taken drawing lessons. After these lessons, the kids would get a better understanding of sketching and create more elaborate drawings. Classes are on Monday from 4-5. Register Beginner Arts In this course, we strive to inspire students to work and think creatively. Instead of focusing on technical skills, we encourage students to develop new ideas and create artwork freely, regardless of their skill level, age, or grade. Register

  • English Language Arts | Canadian Student

    English Language Arts All students have the right to English and language. Here at the Canadian Student Society, our tutors have an English score of 90%< to ensure your child with the best tutoring possible. Please contact us for further infomation. Advanced English Grade 8-9 In this course, our tutors strive to take English to its height and prepare the students for senior Grade levels. Only certified students are allowed to attend this course. Classes are on Friday from 8-9. Register Intermediate Grade 5-7 English 5-7 is a genuine course to help students lift their English skills to the next level. Our tutors help students with their homework as well as teach them new aspects of language. Classes are on Wednesdays from 6-7. Register Beginner Grade 1-3 English is a skill and our tutors help students at an early age to guarantee a higher grade in the future. Classes times are TBD. Register

  • Non-Profit Tutoring | Canadian Student Society

    NON-PROFIT STUDENT LED REFINEMENT REGISTER TODAY learn more about services About Us At the Canadian Student Society, we strive to extend the knowledge in particular subjects of students. Our volunteer tutors are the best of the best, chosen from different world areas, including China, America, and Canada. ​ To achieve the best result for the students, we have specialized material taught by particular tutors in different subjects. ​ We have created a trustful, safe, reliable non-profit organization by combining all these areas of consideration. We believe that all students should have access to the same amount of education. REGISTER NOW

  • Mathematics | Canadian Student

    Mathematics Math is an important aspect of everyday life. Here at the Canadian Student Society, our mathematics tutors all score 90%< to ensure your child with the best tutoring possible. Advanced Math Grade 8-9 In this course, we will go over the fundamentals of math such as conversion, distribution, and other facets covered in the 6th to 9th grade. We will cover some more subjects if needed, such as exponents and algebra. This is meant to be a friendly class where students can go over subjects freely, problematic or advanced concepts alike. Saturdays at 2:30. Register Intermediate Math Grade 6-7 Description (Math): In this course, you explore and learn about grade 6 and 7 math. These lessons would help the children to get prepared for the future grade, or review this knowledge to build a better foundation for this subject. This course is suggested for students that are off track on math at school and younger kids who are interested and want to know further in the category of mathematics. Thursday 6-7 Register Junior Math 4-5 In this course, Our mission is to take fundamentals to the highest level possible. we would like to prepare all students for the path ahead. The classes are on Sunday from 6-7. Register Beginner Math Grade 2-3 This course extends the learning of grade 2 math. Classes are taught by specialized student math tutors. Classes are 45 minutes long on Friday at 5:45. Register

  • Booking | Canadian Student

    Course Registration To Join A Course, Please Take Time To Fill Out This Form Student's First Name Student's Last Name Parent/Guardian Email Wechat Number Phone Number Continue

  • Events & Tournaments | Canadian Student

    EVENTS & TOURNAMENTS Math Tournament Teams Of 4 Against Teams Of 4 16 Participants will be accepted into the preliminary round. Teams will be divided into four sections of 4's. The winning team will compete against each other in the final match stage for 1'st place. The tournament will be hosted on Sunday, March 6, 2022 Register Below: Register Now Student First Name Student Last Name Parent Email How did you hear about us? Friends Social Media Other Parent Phone What are you interested in? Math Tournament Other Questions Apply Now > Thanks for applying! We’ll get back to you soon.

  • Become One Of Us | Canadian Student

    Become one Of Us WANT TO TEACH? Learn more and register to teach with us below! Register Tutor Benefits Gain Experience Gain experience by teaching different subjects at different grade levels. No In-Person Especially during Covid-19, In-person classes and lessons at the Canadian Student Society are minimal. Flexible Time As a tutor at the Canadian Student Society, you can customize your own classes at the perfect time. Volunteer Hours We are certified under the Canadian Government by cooperating with ALLOK education inc. No Experience Required Haven't Taught Before? No Problem! Have Expirence? Even Better! Volunteer Application Form Start Making A Difference First Name Last Name Email Phone Address Age What would you like to teach and why? Next

  • Second Languages | Canadian Student

    Second Languages If a mouse learned how to bark like a dog, it would be invulnerable to predators. Speaking a second language is useful in the modern world, especially in other countries. This is why at the Canadian Student Society, we have tutors who have been in other countries for years to guarantee your child the best learning information possible. Advanced Chinese the text hasn't been filled out yet ​ Saturday at 10AM Register Intermediate Chinese This course will teach you the fundamentals of Chinese. Our fabulous Chinese tutor Judy Yang is now an AP Chinese master understanding almost all concepts of Chinese. The classes will be on Thursdays from 6-7. Register

  • Register | Canadian Student

    COURSES Our courses are specialized by grade level and taught by specialized tutors in various subjects. Below are the courses we offer! REGISTER TODAY! Course Areas English Register Mathematics Register Art Studies Register Languages Register