Our Partnerships

The Student Society of Canada supports the startup of new programs Internationally. Here are some of our collaborations with many of these beautiful volunteer non-profits. 


Education Inc

AllOk Education LTD.

AllOk education, our fine supporter and leader, is based in Vancouver B.C. Canada.


LB Math Contest Club

The Lord Byng Math Contest Club, MCC, is a non-profit program that offers opportunities for young high school students to learn and ask questions.

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Course Collaboration

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BA Leadership Students

The BA Leadership students are students from Byng that help out with the Student Society of Canada. Some of our tutors come from here and they have excellent visions for their students.

Our Branch


The ISTCO, international students tutoring and connection society lead this branch in Canada / Vancouver. Their student forum, ISF is a great opportunity for students to connect and exchange enthusiasm wether it's in video games, or in studies.