Private Tutoring

Our private tutoring goes not by class, but by the tutor. We make private tutoring flexible with the perfect tutor fit for you. 

Language Arts and English

Our language arts tutors love language and interaction between the students. Depending on the tutor, price range changes.

Science and ADST Studies

Science is an interactive subject and our tutors will help you with every topic.

Music Theory and Harmony

Music and Harmony courses are courses taught by tutors with ARCT degrees. Each of them has the requirements for being a full-time RCM-certified tutor. 


Our Mathematics 1-1 tutors have experiences ranging from National Canadian Championships to UC Berkeley Bachelors.

Art and Creative Workshops

Art and Creative Workshops are one of CSS's highest demanding courses. Our tutors are skilled and talented, ranging from degrees in University to Byng Arts highschool students. You'll find the perfect match here.

Piano and Vocal Studies

Instruments are part of our Artistic Branch. Our tutors have performed around the world and have relative experience in tutoring this subject.

Note: As the CSS, we try to keep tutoring free and accessible. As always, we are non-profit, meaning all payments will be a donation towards our program and the B.C. Children's Hospital.

Note: You are able to fill out an eligibility form for fund support from the CSS Program.