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Our Programs & Events

HYSA Service Council

HYSA or the municipal service council presented through HYSA was provided in support of helping the unfortunate and provided by donation events that create a positive externality.

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HYSA Tutoring (HYSAT)

HYSA Tutoring, our tutoring branch provides complimentary tutoring to all elementary students across the world. We offer courses that help students in China excel in English, ones that help students excel in science, and ones that offer tutors that you cannot find anywhere else.


HYSA Sports dedicates its staff and volunteers to supporting physical activities such as badminton, basketball and more. Especially in the time of COVID, students don't get enough exercise.

Math Connect (MC)

Math Connect is a program dedicated to providing elementary students with complimentary math tutoring with some of the top math champions across North America. Led by the founder of the Havenarise foundation, David Jiang, this program features a variety of aspiring young teachers.

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