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Welcome to the Canadian Student Society Tutoring Department. Our tutors have flexibility in their course selections and schedules. Apply now below!

Admission rates are as follows:


Grade 8: 7-8 Spots Each Term

Grade 9: 3-4 Spots Each Term

Grade 10: 10-15 Spots Each Term

Grade 11: 10-12 Spots Each Term

Grade 12: 2-3 Spots (Limited Consideration)


Executive Staff: Limited Consideration

Department Head: In-Need

Organizers / Supervisors: In-Need


*Please note "limited consideration" are spots that are highly competed for*

The ISCT Organization is currently in need of grade 11-12 tutors. Application steps are as follows: 1. Apply! Fill out the form below! 2. we will send out an email containing further steps toward your application. A copy of your report card will be required. 3. After you have met our requirements, a requested interview will be sent out to you. 4. After your interview, a final confirmation email will be sent out, and the final pieces of information will be given.

Note: Volunteer Hours will be given at the end of your term with us.

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