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Welcome to HYBC. Our services are provided by enthusiastic students and volunteers across Vancouver.

Why Us?

Why us? HYBC offers additional benefits, which you would not find in any other organization. 

1. Semi-Yearly staff celebration dates:

2. HYBC Membership & Passes (See guidelines)

3. HYBC Monthly Tutor and Staff prize draws

4. HYBC Private Seminars for University Application (Spoken from top university students)

5. Help the greater community with an enthusiastic group!


Our Volunteer Hour Guidelines:

HYBC offers volunteer hours to staff and members, our guidelines are as follows:

Tutors: 1 hour for tutoring, 2 hours for meetings

Service: 1 hour for weekly meets, 2 hours for general meets, event hours are a bonus too!

Board members: Record and submit hours! 

To Register, check below:

Join Us Today!

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